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While in Moscow a few weeks back, I had the chance to meet up with hard working developer, publisher and distributor Russobit-M. And through them, got an interview with the guys behind the promising FPS, KREED. Could this game become one of the real competitors towards games like Doom III and Unreal II: The Awakening?

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   Posted 11--002

Please introduce yourself to our readers, and tell us a little about the company developing KREED. The Burut Creative Team appeared in autumn of 1999. Our first products were several multimedia encyclopedias. Then, having gained some experience we switched to game development. Our very first RPG game “HEATH” was made by small creative collective. In March 2001 it saw the light and got various responses. Our success at the beginning of our game development career didn’t turn our head; it was a starting point for our future projects. In addition, we got a priceless projects development experience with all its flip sides. At present, BURUT Creative Team develops two independent projects – futuristic FPS “KREED”, and the sequel to the original “HEATH” – “Golden Land”. Over 30 persons – artists, 3D designers, programmers, script writers, and animators are involved. Of course these two projects are much more original, detailed and sophisticated. The idea of creating “KREED” appeared long time ago, during the work on our first project. Originally, we saw it as a wide-scale RPG, with a universe of its own, races, unordinary heroes, strong storyline, and thrilling gameplay. We wrote an interesting storyline, invented universe and characters, first artworks were made. However our concept was wider than just a game with a third-person (even a very remarkable one!). The gamer was supposed not only to play with enthusiasm, but to feel a part of the world we created, of the events he sees. That’s how “KREED” was born. It became a First Person Shooter. Can you give us a short recap on the storyline and general plot for the upcoming game ? The plot of the game is based on the eternal idea of the origin and evolution of the Intelligent Life in the Universe. It also touches the deepest topic of the opposition, of the Dark and the Light. Though, the main zest of the game conception is – THE MYSTERY, which is to be solved by the player. Daniel GROK (the Main Character) is a part of a powerful religious military organization LEGION. With the help of the Confederation (which is some kind of intergalactic UN organization) he banished insectoid conquerors Tiglaari out of Solar System. The Legion reunited the mankind and gave it a new ideology, based on the values of Tradition and ultra-technologic achievements. The Main Character heads to the anomaly zone called “KREED” upon a special order of the Great Mages of the Legion. His objective is to search and eliminate a high ranking person which hides there. The fugitive knows a lot about the real nature of “KREED” and it bothers the high hierarchs of the Legion. A vast anomaly zone, later called “KREED” suddenly showed itself during one of the multiple wars with the Tiglaari Empire, zealous for total control. With time, the zone became an object of strong religious worship. Its worshippers saw the direct incarnation of the Universal Mind. However, no one could say for sure who, or what is hiding inside KREED and if it was the “new divinity” to die for. Nobody returned from KREED alive. The mystery of KREED kept wondering many intelligent races, which try to possess it, and solve it. For the main character KREED is nothing “extraordinary”, “divine” etc. It’s just a mission. He has no intentions to save the Universe form another “villain”. It’s nothing but an elimination of the “target” and getting back home. But there, in KREED, he gets to know a lot of things that change his point of view. Almost form the first steps in KREED Daniel is trying to save his ship which was attacked. Then, he gets to confederate Battleship on which a rebellion is taking place. After two intense missions he fights with a long known enemy of mankind – insectoid Tiglaari in the Fortress-Spaceship, and on their distanced base. Then Daniel gets himself a new ally- the Corsars that help him to travel to the cheerless and deserted world of BURG, inhabited by militant Legionnaires. In search for the “high ranking person” that he is to eliminate, the main character traces him to the world of mysterious and odd ruins, where millions of years ago some civilization lived. That’s when his path to the solving of KREED’s mystery starts. Please describe some of the different environments players will pass through, in order to become one of the last men standing ? The protagonist will find himself in various gaming zones, which are all unique. They are interesting in terms of gameplay and esthetics. The introducing mission starts on a pretty “ordinary” “ASPERO” supply ship. There he is being attacked by Shpiggs – low and ugly creatures, that rob ships and eat their victims. Confederate Battle Ship, one of many various victims of KREED, resembles a city in some way. It all consists of huge modules, long corridors, partitions, technical, transport and elevator shafts, vast airlocks and hangars that can hold a small ship. Here you will find strict “military” heavy forms that embody durability and safety. Here the player will face Confederates, infected by an unknown virus, which made them loose their human appearance. Then, the hero will be a prisoner of the Tiglaary Fortress-Spaceship the design of which will be based on the demonic images of biomechanics. This is a kingdom of frightening junctions; “breathing” passages ad tunnels, rough metallic-chitin surfaces, distorted details, and elements. Tiglaari base will have similar design, but there the player has a possibility to use a heavily armed Combat Droid. The BURG world, inhabited by the surviving Legionnaires is situated amid empty deserts, and eroded canyons where sandstorms are raging. The Legionnaires have built their fortress using huge pieces of rocks and fragments of military ships. The BURG architecture can be described as “post-techno gothic”, where space techno-futurism and neo-totalitarian esthetics (i.e. “new imperial style”, very popular in among the designers of Western Europe), West-European and Arabic Middle Ages. HEYLIG, immersed in fog, became a refuge of a heretic sect of Djicrides preaching Apocalypse. “Gothic style” fans will probably find it to their liking. It is a world of autumn twilight, covering the ruins of a perished civilization. HEYLIG has it all – dangerous enemies? As if it was just from Hell, ice-cold breath of death, and the feeling of being doomed. The silent world of the Prazar race KHAL’ is notable for its sad and deserted landscapes, low sky with dense clouds. Its architecture can surprise the most sophisticated imagination. You have stated in earlier interview that each mission has alternative ways of being solved and that many tactical tasks have to be solved in order to overcome the game. Please give a few examples. We really tried to avoid boring “linearity” when creating our missions. Our team had a task to give the player as much freedom as possible, and not to limit his actions. Mostly, it was achieved by advanced tactical planning of the gaming zones, where we took into account all the details, starting from the quantity of technical containers throughout the level to the position and the extension of ventilator and transport shafts. Quite often in KREED, we give direct hints on this or that alternative way. You can risk by attacking numerous enemies, or try to avoid dangerous moments, using some shaft, or a part of a sewer system filled with water. Among the puzzles of KREED we have a lot of labyrinths, such as “labyrinth-town”, “labyrinth-puzzle”, and “invisible labyrinth”. For example, to get through the “labyrinth-puzzle”, you have to connect precisely its rotating segments that open one of three passes. Various machinery and equipment helps the player to accomplish KREED’s missions effectively. I.e., laser cutter will aid Daniel to pass the room that is full of huge containers. However, he must not only destroy the obstacle, but also be careful with the laser and not to hit the reflecting surfaces to avoid the explosion. Air streams generated by huge ventilators can deliver the player to different passes. But, first he will need to adjust their speeds (each vent has five speeds!). The reactor hall can also serve as a good example, where you will need to switch the flows of deadly energy from one reactor to the other. With the game being this flexible, have you calculated an average gametime needed for playing through all levels in singleplayer mode ? In single player mode it will take about 40-60 hours. One thing that never seizes to surprise me, is the vivid imagination most developers have in portraying futuristic environments graphically. We have some samples of your artwork among the new screenshots at this location. Would you care to tell us a bit about this process ? During the development of the unknown (for us, reality) of the XXXth century, we aspired to work over almost each of the details and elements, and tried different experiments, and mixing styles without any fears. It turned out to be not so easy, and sometimes even very difficult. Really, how should a great cathedral complex of an extinct race look like? What are the most impressive features of the dusky HEYLIG world look like? Or, how do you picture insectoid Tiglaari, militant Legionnaire or a Djicride heretic? You can think of everything, human imagination is unlimited. The important thing is if the player gets it. We see “KREED” as a gate to another world with rules of its own. I guess every developer asked these questions to himself. On some of the screenshots you could notice open space under orange-red sky. According to the storyline, it is a BURG planetoid, where Legionnaires that once got to KREED live. It is only one of the 9 missions, but our artists and designers managed to create a tangible world, where you could feel cold winds, sand that lashes huge steel constructions, quiet buzz of the mechanisms, opening of the dark armored gates to the citadel, and someone’s scream echoing in the rocks. Judging from pictures already released, the general graphic and detail level looks astonishing. Tell us about the engine lurking beneath this exterior, and what general system requirements will be needed to play the game ? KREED is based on the in-house engine X-Tens which support the most part of modern technologies. The system of the visualization of gaming scene uses the modern possibilities of DirectX 8.1 and supports:

  • Pixel and vertex shaders
  • Dynamic light and shadows
  • Realistic physics
  • Developed skeleton animation (up to 120 bones per character)
  • Detalized game models (up to 4000 of polygons)
  • Support of open and closed areas
  • Portals etc.
For the normal work of the game, with activating of all options, you need the following configuration: PIII-1000 MHz, 512 Mb ram, and a video card of the 6th generation (ATI Radeon 8500, GeForce 3). The minimal requirements are: PIII-600 MHz, 256 Mb ram, and a video card of the 5th generation. Tell us a bit about the sound and music score found in KREED. What kind of mystical atmosphere will be played in the background, and what kind of effects can we expect from the general weaponry ? The sound mounting of KREED will be very saturated and realistic. We use simultaneously, as usual and as original exclusive synthetic sound as possible. The music soundtrack carries out the aggro-industrial and dark ambient style with light elements of ethnic & new age. Different sounds and sound-effects will accompany the player all over the place, creating the special atmosphere. Instantly, on the ship Aspero (mission # 1) you’ll hear the rustle of ventilators, crackle of the damaged electric wiring, drawling rumble of the reactors, strident wailing of the spare siren. On the ship-fortress of Tiglaary (mission # 4) the player will fell like in the center of the swarm of giant insects, emitting unusual sounds that are their language. The music mounting will help the player to pass the game without taking a breath, and also to feel the value of certain episodes. For example, when player will sees the aliens ship on the of giant hollow for the first time, he’ll hear the dismal and majestic music in the style of the best creations of ambient masters Brian Eno, Vidna Obmana & The Future Sound of London. The A.I. of has in earlier interviews been mentioned to be quite advanced, ranging from tactical retreat to panic tendencies among the enemy. Care to share any new information on the subject ? The AI of enemies in the game will be oriented on the interconnected group co-operation, and on the tactical analysis of the certain gaming situation; cuz enemies will plan their actions in accordance with it. One of the main KREED AI features is the realization of organic and natural behavior. Each enemy has it own original characteristics. Representatives of different races could conflict to each other. The player will also have allies that will follow him, passing the certain mission. Each of the races has its own fighting tactics. For example, the armed Shpiggs for the most part conceal themselves behind the covers, make rushes, and try to gain the rear of the hero. In the case of enough numeral superiority of enemies they can retreat. The Confederation’s soldiers are much more valiant, but they’re careful too, and they try to avoid the open fire. The insectoid race of Tiglaary is really strict in their attacks and prefers frontal attacks. What about the multiplayer part of KREED. Any new and exciting modes you wish to tell us about ? The multiplayer mode will be also presented in KREED. It’ll include DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, Tournament, Last Man Standing and sure Assault. At the moment we work on the multiplayer maps that will yield to single player maps in the playability and esthetics. The question about the number of players in the multiplayer of KREED isn’t clear. Of course there won’t be any limitation of this amount. It’ll depend on the server’s capacity. Will it be possible to play team based multiplayer in the singleplayer storyline ? Probably there will be also the co-operative mode in the KREED, but we’ll be able to speak with confidence about it a little bit later. Will there be any chance for fans out there to participate in future beta tests ? Sure, our fans will have a possibility to participate in beta tests actively. What stage in development are you currently at? Is KREED still on route, and scheduled for spring 2003 ? At the moment the most part of gaming zones are ready. Some characters are created and animated. Now we work on 10 types of game weapon including the unique and on the scoring of the project. We plan the release still on spring 2003. Our Company hopes to give pleasure for a while to the exigent players with really interesting, fascinating and qualitative game, that’ll occupy a fitting place in their collections. WOW! That’s quite a bit of information for us to dwell over. Special thanks to Russobit-M for quite an interesting visit while in Moscow, and to the Burut Creative Team for answering so openly on every aspect of the upcoming game. Good luck further on in production, and towards release. Einar Lende, ToTheGame - Click here for more info on KREED for PC - Click her for some new KREED screenshots


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