Article: UT 2003 (PC) Final Release Date
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  UT 2003 (PC) Final Release Date
Is the wait for Unreal Tournament 2003 soon finally over? Infogrames Nordic dropped us an email today, stating it would hit store Shelves 27th of September (this year, "of course"). The mail also contained the word "Final Releasedate".

   Posted 8/--002

The releasedate is for Scandinavia, but will probably be the same all over Europe. We have no word of a US date, but normally games tends to be released earlier in US. Update: Preacher from got an update from Mark Rein (Epic Games Inc.), who states that the release date still is "when it's done". Update 22-aug-2002: Infogrames Nordic stated today that the 27th of September date is not correct. So, it's still a TBA date (To Be Announced). We update our release list (1900 games) several times a day, so as soon as an official date is announced, it will be here. - Click here for more info on Unreal Tournament 2003


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