Article: Men in Black 2 (PS2) Announced
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  Men in Black 2 (PS2) Announced
INFOGRAMES DEFENDS THE GALAXY WITH MEN IN BLACK 2™: ALIEN ESCAPE FOR PLAYSTATION 2. The Stylish Duo Is Back To Protect The Earth From The Scum Of The Universe This Summer In An Action-Packed, Third-Person Adventure

   Posted 2/--02

LONDON – February 6th, 2002 – Step into the famous shoes of the world’s most stylish secret agents. Infogrames, a leading global publisher of interactive entertainment software, is blasting Men in Black 2™: Alien Escape, based on the hit movie franchise, onto the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system for Summer 2002. Featuring snappy one-liners, weird conspiracy theories and bizarre, humorous situations, Men in Black 2™: Alien Escape isn’t your ordinary video game experience! “The Men in Black™ movies and universe provide the perfect formula for a fast and hilariously action-packed interactive game,” said Larry Sparks, Vice President – European Marketing for Infogrames. “With danger looming around every corner, thunderous explosions and dramatic plot twists, players will feel like they’re taking part in a real action film.” In the game, the Men in Black discover a space prison hulk carrying the most dangerous alien gangs in the galaxy that crashed into the Earth’s ocean decades ago. With a large number of unlicensed and unaccounted for aliens hiding out on Earth, each one a hardened criminal, there’s only one possible course of action. It’s time for agents Jay and Kay to hunt them down and bring them in—dead or alive. Men in Black 2™: Alien Escape is a fast-paced third-person perspective action game liberally infused with the trademark humour of the smash 1997 movie and the upcoming sequel. The game is divided into five distinct episodes, including a Nuclear Station, the Docks and the streets of Manhattan. All episodes include various levels and challenges to complete prior to progressing through the game. At the beginning of each level players select either Jay, the athletic, reckless fast-talker, or Kay, the confident veteran. While Jay moves at a faster pace, Kay’s knowledge of weapons gives him a higher weapon damage and health bar. Allowing players to switch between characters gives them the opportunity to experiment with various weapons and character strengths, adding variety to the gameplay. Additionally, the non-playable character partner often appears in computer-generated cut-scenes and via comlink throughout the game, providing back up, advice and, of course, wisecracks. Other key members of the Men in Black 2™: Alien Escape team, like Zed, also make appearances. Adding to the mayhem is a host of new aliens featured in the upcoming movie sequel as well as popular creatures from the 1997 film, including the coffee-drinking Manitoba. While some aliens are allies and informants, most are hostile and will do anything to take over the planet. “Men in Black 2™: Alien Escape, with all of its alien characters and futuristic weaponry, has all the components for an out-of-this-world video game,” stated Al Ovadia, executive vice president, Sony Pictures Consumer Products. “And we’re sure that Infogrames, with their extensive interactive background, will develop a game that is as action-packed and exciting as the motion picture.” Men in Black 2™: Alien Escape features the stylish signature silver weapons from the film like the J2 pistol, the Pulsar Blaster, the Arquillan Arm Canon and more. Other familiar Men in Black 2™: Alien Escape equipment will be featured, including the Neuralyser, also known as the ‘flashy thing.’ Developed by Infogrames’ Melbourne House, creators of the highly regarded Le Mans 24 Hours™ for PlayStation 2, Test Drive Le Mans™ for Dreamcast™ and Looney Tunes™ Space Race for Dreamcast, Men in Black 2™: Alien Escape will make its debut in Summer of 2002. About Sony Pictures Consumer Products Sony Pictures Consumer Products (SPCP), based in Los Angeles, handles the merchandising and branding efforts for some of the most recognized properties in film and television. This includes theatrical properties such as Men in Black 2™, Stuart Little 2™ and Spider-Man™ through a limited partnership with Marvel Enterprises, Inc. as well as television properties, like “Jackie Chan Adventures™,” “Harold and the Purple Crayon™,” “Max Steel™” and “Phantom Investigators™.” SPCP is a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), whose global operations encompass motion picture production and distribution, television production and distribution, worldwide channel investments, home entertainment acquisition and distribution, operation of studio facilities, development of new entertainment products, services and technologies, and distribution of filmed entertainment in 67 countries. About Infogrames Infogrames Entertainment (Euronext: 5257) is one of the top five developers and publishers of interactive entertainment in the world, and comprises the publicly traded, U.S.-based Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM), and Infogrames Europe. The Company develops, publishes and distributes interactive games for all available gaming platforms, including Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, the PC, and the Macintosh, as well as for various interactive platforms. Infogrames’ catalogue of more than 1,000 titles includes games for consumers of all ages and features numerous popular franchises, including Alone in the Dark, Big Price, Civilization, Driver, Independence War, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Test Drive, Unreal Tournament, and V-Rally, among others. In addition, the Company holds the exclusive license to some of the worlds most recognizable entertainment brands, including Warner. Bros.’ Looney Tunes, Le Mans, Men In Black, Mission: Impossible, NASCAR, Superman, Survivor, Terminator, Transworld, and many more. Infogrames’ games fall into two general categories, CORE GAMES for the gaming audience, and FAMILY GAMES for the enjoyment of the whole family.


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